Journal Publications

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Conference Publications

[C2] Y. Peng, Z. Wang, I. Castillo, S. Jiang, and L. Gunnell. A new modeling framework for real-time extreme electricity price forecasting. In 12th IFAC International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes. IFAC, 2024.

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Book Chapters

[B1] S. Jiang, S. Qin, J. L. Pulsipher, and V. M. Zavala. Convolutional Neural Networks: Basic Concepts and Applications in Manufacturing. Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Concepts and Methods, 2022.

In Preparation

[I3] S. Dhamankar, S. Jiang, and M. A. Webb. Accelerating multicomponent phase-coexistence calculations with machine learning, 2024.

[I2] S. Jiang and M. A. Webb. Physics-guided neural networks for transferable prediction of polymer properties, 2024.

[I1] S. Jiang and M. A. Webb. Active learning of viscosity-modifying polymers with complex topologies, 2024.

Under Review

[U1] S. Jiang, K. Carey, L. Denlinger, N. Jarjour, M. Schiebler, R. Sorkness, A. Hahn, S. B. Fain, and V. M. Zavala. Hybrid Deep Learning Model For Asthma Progression Prediction Using CT Scans And Clinical Data. Under Review, 2023.